Welcome to the world of my wanderings as a professional nomad. I’ve always had a travel bug and was unbelievably lucky to get to travel all over as a kid. A few years ago, I took a job that involved almost constant travel throughout the United States. I’ve been to all but six states so far, and am on a mission to cross the remaining ones off of my list in between taking vacations overseas whenever time and money permit. I’m alone most of the time, but I’ve never let that stop me.

I don’t always get to go to the most fascinating places, and I’m usually only able to explore in the evenings when the best stuff is closed, but along the way, I’ve managed to find a lot of cool stuff. No matter where you may be, there is always something interesting or beautiful you can enjoy if you do just a little digging.

My camera is always at my side, and I take an obscene amount of pictures. I’m getting more into photography as a hobby and recently splurged on a better camera for myself in preparation for my big trip in a couple of months.

I’m a Michigan girl who grew up in the Detroit area. I love going out and finding new things to do around my hometown as well as in other parts of the state.

I’m in a bit of a slow period for work travel right now, but I’m going to kick things off with some posts about my last vacation: to France, Luxembourg, and Belgium.

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